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more arty-ness

The urge to draw has re-emerged!

... or should I say.... the urge to copy someone else's art!?

Well anyway, that's what I've been up to this evening.

I am a big fan of Jenny Dolfen's art over at deviantart so I decided to have a go at copying another of her works.  This time the infamous 'drawing of the sword' scene. (http://gold-seven.deviantart.com/art/Get-thee-gone-and-take-thy-due-place-346216637)
I love this piece.  it is amazing. Fëanor looking intense and amazing and Fingolfin.... well, it's Fingolfin's back..  But he is wearing an amazing blue piece that I covet.

What follows is a series of pictures showing my progression.  Apologies, some don't look that good.  Must remember to take pictures with real camera and not phone.  And to frame them properly...

1.  Started with Fëanor.... `i did the initial sketch and then just started putting the detail into his face:

2. Even blurrier.  I added more detail to his arm, sword and belt...

3. Most of the detail on his body now finished:

4. Cape and hand detail added, now our friend Fëanor's done....

5. On to Fingolfin...

6. Finishing off the detail to his clothing.... much simpler than his brother to do!  and.... done!:

There we have it!  A poor man's version of the original, and not coloured yet.... not sure when/if I'll get around to that!

I'm quite pleased with it, actually. Except Fëanor's wonky eyes. Can't seem to fix those!

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