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Scintillating Stuff.

The answer is blowin' in the wind...

'There is a vast world of knowledge and experience beyond these walls which you will never know if you confine yourself just to your small corner.

As knowledge and understanding are laudable and valid educational pursuits, it's worth our while to study everything. Only the ignorant are content to live confined by their prejudices.'

My name is Jo. I have two hamsters, one fiancé, a teaching job and too many dresses to count. I'm (not so) secretly obsessed with elves and crunchie blast ice creams.

I'm a lurker. Sometimes I wax lyrical about the joys in my life; more often I pointlessly rant about things.

abe games, ancient greek, astronomy, au pair, bach, badminton, beethoven, bill bryson, bitching, black horses, blackmore's night, braiding, britain's/america's next top model, cadbury's, canada, cats, cheese, chipeur, classical civilisation, classical music, classical mythology, classics, clothes, constellations, cooking, cornwall, cross country, dan brown, dinosaurs, discworld, dogs, dolphins, dr who, drawing, drinking squash, dvorak, education, elgar, elves, england, english, english riding, etymology, eventing, final fantasy viii, fingon, finrod, food, foreign countries, france, freddie mercury, french, galaxy, gershwin, good looking men, gossiping, great british bake off, greece, grieg, gymkhana games, hairstyles, hairy bikers, hamsters, handel, harry potter, history, horse riding, horses, intellectual conversations, james irving, john barrowman, languages, latin, learning things, literature, lolcats, lord of the rings, maedhros, make up, medieval history, milka, motzart, movies, myths and legends, obscure english words, painting, piano music, poetry, ponies, pratchett, puccini, qi, queen, rachmaninov, radio 4, reading, regressing, ring of bright water, robin hood, rome, school, schools, schubert, sci-fi and fantasy, shakespeare, shoes, shopping, shostakovich, show jumping, silmarillion, sleeping, sneaking around, some computer games, sonic the hedgehog, space, star trek, stargate sg-1, staying up late, summer camp, sunny summer days, table tennis, tchaikovsky, teaching, tefl, the planets, thrillers, toffee, tolkien, transformers, travel, travelling, usa, vaughn williams, western riding, wheel of time, writing