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Art: Finrod

Picture number 3 of my Lay of Leithian series, I'm on a roll. Today it's Finrod, King of Nargothrond, looking (I hope) rather pensive after hearing Beren's news and request...

The progress:

1. Starting out with the light sketch as always. Um... I used this picture as reference, of course (http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-concerned-man-looking-computer-image10411348)

2. Basic design down, now branching out a bit on my own to make him look like an elf, rather than the man I was copying. This is where it gets very hard for me!

3. Darkening... I messed up the outer eye here and never got it fixed. Hm

4. Trying to sort out hair style. Was going for a waterfall braid effect but couldn't find a picture with some one in the right post for me to copy :D Oops, not so good. Definitely wanted to have some pieces hanging down/escaped from formal braiding around his face.

5. Well, time to design clothing. I have no clue on clothing. Looked up paisley pattern as inspiration. I don't know what he's wearing, some kind of robe over something I guess.

6. Now arm detail. I quite enjoyed doing the details, actually. Easier than the rest of the picture. Maybe I should stick to abstract.

7. Head looked a bit flat so sorting that out, and adding some very faint lines to the rest of the clothes.

8. Finished. Worried Finrod. I actually scanned this and messed about with it, so here's three versions of the finished product as I couldn't decide which one to keep. I am impossible! Just need to add the relevant quote to the piece and I'm away!

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